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Leasing is one way to reduce the costs of owning an aircraft. A properly structured leaseback in the right market may help reduce the cost of your flying and earn you a profit.

A successful lease arrangement depends on many factors, including choosing the right Flight school, maintenance, your realistic expectations of the lease, and the terms of your lease contract.

When figuring your costs, revenues, and cash-flow projections, be conservative and have realistic expectations. Be sure you will be able to pay the monthly mortgage payments and expenses on your aircraft even if the aircraft does not generate any income due to weather or maintenance.

By leasing an aircraft to a flight school, you can reduce your monthly costs of ownership.

If you are going for your pilot’s license, it will give you and your family, the versatility of training in your own airplane.

By leasing the aircraft, it will give you the opportunity to own an aircraft, when it wasn’t possible before.

Lease Back with Essex Air

Essex Air is a professionally owned flight school. We are located at The Essex County Airport (KCDW), in Northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. Our commitment to one on one student training, the sophisticated airspace of the New York metropolitan area along with the benefits of flying out of an established airport like The Essex County Airport, offers many leaseback advantages to the prospective aircraft owner that many other areas of the country lack.

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