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Introductory Flight

If you're interested in learning how to fly, we offer introductory flight lessons. You'll fly the airplane from the pilot's seat, with your FAA-certified flight instructor assisting you. It's a great way to decide if flying is right for you. And if you've got a friend or loved one who's interested in learning, these flights make a great birthday, anniversary, or graduation gift.

Introductory flight lessons start at just $99 plus the surcharges*.

You'll spend 30 minutes in the airplane and one hour on the ground. Airplane time is calculated from the time the engine starts to engine shutdown. You will taxi the airplane on the ground and with the exception of take-off and landing you'll do nearly all the flying yourself.

-Introductory Flight Lesson payments are nonrefundable.

Surcharges due at each Introductory Flight Lesson:

* Fuel surcharge: $25 per person
  Aircraft surcharge: $25 per person
  Pilot surcharge (Gratuity)

Introductory Flight Lesson

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