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Make your dreams of piloting an aircraft come true with a lesson that lets you learn the basics from an expert FAA certified pilot. Your experience includes engaging ground instruction before the chance to take-off to the skies and navigate one of our aircrafts yourself.

Arrive at the Essex County airport and meet an experienced pilot who's excited to pass his passion for flight on to you. Spend some time going over the basics on the ground (pre flight) to get familiar with the aircraft and its controls. Your pilot is happy to answer any questions you have and help you feel comfortable and confident as you prepare for take-off.

Settle into your seat and feel the pilot as you ascend high above the beautiful around essex county, watching your pilot in action while soaking up 360-degree views. Finally, if you're feeling up for it, take the controls yourself and feel the thrill of being a pilot.

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Your first lesson begins with ground instruction, followed by an approximately 30-minute flight lesson for 1 person in Essex Air aircraft. Maximum weight 250 lbs (113 kg) per passenger and combined 500 lbs (113 kg).