Welcome to Essex Air at Essex County Airport, Fairfield, NJ
We are located at The Essex County Airport (KCDW), in Northern New Jersey, just outside of New York City. The sophisticated airspace of the New York metropolitan area along with the benefits of flying out of a established airport like The Essex County Airport, offers many advantages to the prospective student that many other areas of the country lack.
Learn to Fly
Whether you've always wanted to become a pilot or, have just recently developed an interest, Essex Air can help you with your flying goals. We'll show you the many avenues open to you as a licensed Pilot. We will also help you find the tools and the training you need to make your dream a reality. Do you think you're interested, but you've never been up in a small airplane before and would like to try it out first? Try our Introductory lesson and decide for yourself!

Learning to fly will change your life. It immerses you in new sensations and develops skills that you thought you never had. It changes how you perceive yourself and everything around you. Become a pilot and expand your horizons.

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Schedule an Introductory Flight Lesson
  • Your first flight lesson will be an appointment with a FAA Certified Flight Instructor.
  • After briefing you on our flight training program, the instructor will perform a walk around inspection (preflight inspection) of the aircraft.
  • For the flight portion, you will take the pilot seat on the left. Other than for takeoff and landing, where the instructor will be assisting you, we want you to be handling the controls at all times during this flight.
  • You will perform some basic maneuvering under the safe guidance of your flight instructor.